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LIKASTOLPEN with ClimbSafe™

The Lika pole is a hybrid product (bio-sourced / synthetic) which combines resistance and flexibility and cannot rot or crack like a wooden pole or a fiberglass pole.

The inside of the pole is made of solid high density bamboo rods along the entire length, which are molded into a solid element with a special reinforcing polyurethane foam which, together, provides high strength and elasticity, resistance to increased compression and traction and impressive torsional strength.
In other words, Lika posts do not rot and do not break!

The outer layer of pure HDPE (polyethylene) UV resistant, which acts as an armor and protects the post from bad weather from surrounding aggressions, rodents, woodpeckers, etc.
HDPE is used in Norway and around the world as drinking water pipes, so it does not contain any toxic products.
Thanks to this, they can be placed anywhere without the risk of toxic products leaking out.
Poles can be transported, stored, erected and installed like a wooden pole using the same tools, the same fastening material and climbing equipment as for wooden poles.

ClimbSafe ™, when climbing safely becomes simple
The unique post structure provides thousands of closely spaced cavities and extrusions. The recesses allow the tips of the climbing shoes to be fixed, and the extrusions offer very high friction to the hands, gloves and ropes, regardless of temperature and climate.
This solution is patented and unique, it is called ClimbSafe ™

Lika poles are supplied in lengths from 8 to 12 meters, with a diameter of 22.5 cm. Other lengths, diameters and colors can be produced on request.


No creosote impregnation, no carcinogens, irritants or causing eczema.
No runoff in nature.
No need to be treated as hazardous waste or special waste.
Can be incinerated in incineration plants as household waste and recycled into energy (waste-to-energy)


Use all same standard procedures tools and equipment as for wooden poles
Compatible to virtually all kind of mounting equipment, technics, using no specific complicated and exclusive setup.


Use standard wood screws without pre-drilling (self-drilling) or modern French wood screws

Through bolt is used completely without spacer sleeve. Contact us for assembly information.


The posts are completely cylindrical along its entire length. This facilitates the mounting of climbing gear and shoes as well as certain technical equipment to be attached.


The post weighs approximately 40% of a new wooden post of equal dimensions.
This means easier, cheaper logistics, handling and configuration.


The woodpeckers and rodents cannot damage the Lika pole due to the 2 cm thick HDPE outer layer.
Significant savings in replacing damaged posts every year


The light weight facilitates handling and logistics.
It will not crack in the event of a fall (No risk of invisible “microcracks” which can develop into significant damage).
Can be stored “anywhere” due to the absence of runoff
Lift with “Grab John” without pressure distribution plates.
Can be treated like a wooden pole.


All of the materials used to produce Lika poles have all been known in the industry for a long time with lifetimes tested and verified for well over 50 years and estimated to be over 100 years.
The structural design of the Lika pole announces a lifespan of at least 80 years.


The pole is completely sealed with robust polyethylene and is completely waterproof upon delivery.
Even if water could seep into a bamboo through a screw hole, it is rot-proof, and polyurethane foam insulates the bamboo stems from each other.

Product details

LIKA Miljø AS wholly owned production company is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 approved company.

Lika product ID:Model:Length:Diameter:Horizontal Capacity(kN):Vertical Capacity (kN):Weight (Kg):Volume (m3):ELnumber:
LIKA8-225SELIKASTOLPEN 8-225 ClimbSafe™8 m22.5 cm6,0567,601330.322801903
LIKA9-225SELIKASTOLPEN 9-225 ClimbSafe™9 m22.5 cm5,1653,401500,362801904
LIKA10-225SELIKASTOLPEN 10-225 ClimbSafe™10 m22.5 cm4,5043,301670.42801905
LIKA11-225SELIKASTOLPEN 11-225 ClimbSafe™11 m22.5 cm3,9935,801830.442801906
LIKA12-225SELIKASTOLPEN 12-225 ClimbSafe™12 m22.5 cm3,5830,002000.482801907
TOPP180LIKA TOPPHATT 180mm11 cm0.332801882
TOPP225LIKA TOPPHATT 225mm11 cm0.452801883
BOLT300LIKA ØYEBOLT M20 X 300 MM22800062